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The heart of your home, your kitchen is where late-night talks, homework sessions, and casual celebrations happen naturally. It's where memories are made. 



The bedroom is that part of the house where we go to recharge and rest after a hard day’s work and the daily stress. To do so, the room must be similar to our personality to make us feel the way we should be.



Designing a bathroom is a rewarding yet challenging project. Our guide to planning a functional and beautiful bathroom layout will help you configure a comfortable space that meets your family's needs.

TV Console


If you are sick of buying ready made tv console, design one yourself. The possibilities are endless. We can help in realising your ideas

Living Room


The living room, is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities. Thus, it must be well designed, with balanced colors. A simple feature wall, or lighting can transform your space completely

Design & Build


In design&build, the client retains total control over the project and our team is here to empower you.

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